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The Developmental Reading Assessment, Second Edition Plus K-8 (DRA2+) and Evalucacion del desarrollo de la lectura®, Secunda Edicion Plus K-6 (EDL2+) are formative reading assessments with progress monitoring tools. Using criterion-related, construct and content validity, they measure oral reading fluency and comprehension so students become successful English and Spanish readers more quickly.

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These powerful tools are now available for a discounted price and include features like progress monitoring, word analysis, and digital support tools.

Progress Monitoring Keeps Learning on Track

Regular progress monitoring can help educators quickly adapt instruction for struggling readers. DRA2+ and EDL2+ monitor oral reading fluency, comprehension, vocabulary, and word reading. They include 95 brief fiction and non-fiction leveled passages with Teacher Observation Guides, Moving into Instruction recommendations, Instructional Routine Cards, and graphic organizers.

Word Analysis Assessment for Students That Need a Bit More

The DRA2+ and EDL2+ Word Analysis are individual diagnostic assessments that provide teachers with a systematic means to observe how emerging and struggling readers attend to and work with the various components of spoken and written words. The information gained from this assessment enables teachers to determine students' level of control of various word analysis tasks and plan more effectively for instruction. Word Analysis is divided into five strands: Phonological awareness, metalanguage, letter/high frequency word recognition, phonics, and structural analysis.

Digital Tools Simplify Administration

The DRA2+ and EDL2+ apps for iPad simplify administration of the assessments, scoring, and reporting. Using the app teachers can:

  • Score students' performance at point of use
  • Record students for on-demand playback
  • Diagnose each student's reading proficiency
  • Determine DRA2+/EDL2+ levels and guided reading levels
  • Monitor progress of struggling readers
  • Access teacher, school, and district reports online via the DRADashboard

Resources for Data-Driven Instruction

There are two online tools also available for use with DRA2+ and EDL2+:

  1. DRA Dashboard - Teachers and administrators can use the DRA Dashboard to access student, class, school, and district reports on demand. The DRA Dashboard visually illustrates the strengths and weaknesses of students to provide focused instruction that is meaningful and personalized.
  2. Online Management System (OMS) - The Online Management System houses each student’s assessment data online and provides reports that help teachers and administrators to make data-driven decisions. Teachers spend less time gathering data and more time putting that data to use in the classroom.

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